What is the difference between art and design? Between art and
pornography? Between statement (order) and expression (disorder)? Is
computer generated art still real art? What is real art? I don't know, but I'm trying to find out. What do you think?

Noteworthy Exhibitions:  
I Need More Space - 11/25/2016, Acid Axiom Gallery, Seattle (group exhibition) 

I Need Space - 10/8/2016, Acid Axiom Gallery, Seattle (group exhibition) 

Autumn Exhibition - 10/7 thru12/1 2016, Dark Star Tattoo and Art Gallery, Vancouver (group exhibition) 

RAW: Uprising - 11/4/2015, Holocene, Portland (group exhibition) 

Solo Exhibition - 7/2012, Mr. Pickles Sandwich Shop, midtown Sacramento (solo exhibition) 

Ongoing/Permanent Exhibition - 7/2011 thru 2/2012, Wonderland Pop Culture Emporium, Los Angeles (solo exhibition)

Interview and Artwork - Cvisuali [Creative Visual Institute, Mumbai]
(very NSFW art) 

Artwork - Plumplandia (Portland 'zine) Issue #2
Fall 2015
My contribution: Body positive nudes 

Album Design - Shindig! #27 July/August 2012 In a blurb about an LP that I completed the layout and cover art for, my decision to use a special eco-friendly digital download card was lauded by the writer. I am not mentioned by name in the piece.